Performance and usability improvements

It's spring cleaning time 🌱

In this latest release, we have rolled out several updates that has improved performance and usability around the video player, PDFs, and project view.

Video player improvements

Persistent player controls

Before, player controls were hidden by default and would appear as an overlay when hovering over a video.

Now, player controls are always be visible. This means you get several benefits:

  • Save time by not having to wait for controls to appear when hovering on/off video
  • The timecode is always visible so that you can efficiently leave feedback at the right moment
Before - hover controls After - persistent controls
hover_player_controls_before.gif persistent_player_controls_after.gif

Scrub bar updates

  • Faster scrubbing! Scrubbing to seek to another part of a video happens way faster and more smoothly now.
  • Hovering performance. When hovering over the scrub bar, the thumbnail no longer lags when it updates to your mouse position.
  • Cleaner hover scrub thumbnails. These thumbnails now include timestamps, making it easier to seek to your desired part of the video. We also updated their appearance by removing their white borders.
*Before - scrubbing * After - scrubbing
hover_scrub_before_perf_improvements.gif Screen Recording 2019-05-15 at 02.17 PM.gif

Faster transcodes

We made a bunch of under-the-hood improvements that make transcodes happen much faster and more consistently across the board after uploading video, audio, and images. ✨

Processing multipage PDFs

  • Uploading and processing PDFs are now more reliable. This means you should no longer hit cases where your PDFs fail to upload/process on
  • PDFs now get processed way faster. 5X faster to be exact, saving you and your team time. There will be more performance improvements coming down the line.

Project view improvements

We've tuned the project view so that it loads much faster, especially for projects with a large number of files. 💨

Other bug fixes

  • We resolved an long standing issue on mobile browsers where the video player breaks when flipping between landscape and portrait modes, or switching in or out of fullscreen mode.

We hope this latest round of updates improves your experience. Enjoy!