New flow for inviting collaborators to projects

We just launched an improved flow for adding collaborators to your projects.

Here are a few improvements to check out:

  • Bulk invite users to project. Now you can copy-paste a list of users into the invite field to send a bulk invite.
  • Invite team to project. Search for any team you’re a member of within your current account, and invite that entire team to your project.
  • Account-scoped user search. Now when you search for users we only show you people who exist in your account. This makes it easier to find the “John Smith” you’re actually looking for.
  • Improved project link sharing. We’ve moved project link sharing from project settings into the add people flow. When this link is enabled, anyone who has it will be added as a collaborator to your project.
  • Display user email at all times. We now show you a user’s email address at all times in the add people flow. This makes it easier to make sure you know exactly who you are adding to a project.