New and improved review pages

Review pages just got a major overhaul. Now clients can leave feedback on videos, stills, and PDFs in a simple, intuitive interface, without logging-in. 🙌

Here are a few highlights:

  • Simplified review interface. We simplified the review page, making it easier and more intuitive for clients to view media, leave comments, and see the next video.
  • Splash screen overview. There is a new splash screen that provides clients an overview of assets ready for review.
  • Video defaults to high quality resolutions. Video automatically defaults to 1080p, ensuring your clients get the best viewing quality.
  • Give clients control. Clients can, at last, edit and delete their own comments. This was a previously unavailable feature in the old review pages. One more thing - clients can now easily edit their display name.
  • Complete filetype coverage. Your favorite player page features are now available in new review pages. That means video, audio, image, and multipage PDF review are supported.

It's been a long time coming. Enjoy the much improved review experience! 💪