Multipage PDF

Your review and collaboration needs just got a whole lot better with Multipage PDFs. Whether you are working with your team on storyboards, scripts, production/marketing plans, or other docs - you can do it all in one place at

What it does

  • Improved rendering quality. Starting today, all pages within PDFs in will be rendered in high resolution.
  • View and navigate pages. Use left/right arrow keys to go between pages, scroll down the page drawer on the left side, or jump to a specific part of the PDF by typing and entering your desired page number.
  • Zoom, pan, and loupe. You can zoom by pinching, scrolling, OR using our the handy zooming tools. Pan around by clicking-and-dragging OR by holding SPACE and clicking-and-dragging. Loupe by holding SHIFT to inspect things at 100% resolution.
  • Leave page-specific comments. Comments and annotations correspond to specific pages, making feedback and markup organized for large teams.

Right now, multipage PDFs will be supported on the player page. Support for review pages and presentation pages will follow in later releases.