Frame-io release notes
Frame-io release notes

Introducing v3.5 🔥🔥





More secure, more precise, and more flexible.

Over the past 2 years we’ve made security a top priority and this release is no different. We’re introducing a completely secure way to share content, enabling you to use for even your most sensitive pre-release content. We’ve also added range-based comments, a completely new iOS app, and a robust search and filter experience that rivals what you’d find in some expensive asset management systems. Read on for more.

Advanced search

Advanced Search & Filter (1).png

  • Easily find a single asset or project and navigate to it through millions of assets.
  • Combine multiple filters—like date, file type, and uploader—to get the right element quickly.
  • Leverage for evergreen workflows that exist outside of the context of WIP projects.

New player controls

  • Go from the comment composer to fullscreen mode (or back to the player controls) without taking your fingers off the keyboard using tab and shift+tab.
  • Fine-grained playback speeds (1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, and 1.75x) can be set for accelerated viewing.
  • Accelerate or decelerate from your default speed to 2x, 4x, and 8x using the JKL keys.

Range-based comments and precision scrubbing

Range-based Comments.png
  • Give feedback accurately across scenes or sequences, eliminating confusion and ambiguity.
  • When you start typing a comment, drag the handle that appears to select a range.
  • Hold down the R key to create a range, and set the range to loop by turning on looping.
  • Hold down Shift to control the precision of your scrubbing.

Secure sharing (in beta for enterprise accounts only)

  • Login-only sharing ensures that only approved users from your account can access Review and Presentation links.
  • Account-level controls allow admins to enforce this authorization configuration on all share links across the account.
  • A new Reviewer role gives users get a clean view of files shared with them internally, without all the clutter of projects and other work-in-progress.
  • The new Inbox keeps all review invitations in one secure location.

iOS 2.0

iOS 2.0.png
  • Updated design across the iOS app.
  • Precision scrubbing is now available on the player page with the timecode always in view.
  • Haptic feedback when passing frame boundaries in precision scrubbing.
  • Addition of Viewed status, a new File Information tab, and team-only commenting.
  • New Share flow better mimics the web app by keeping all your review links in one place.

App marketplace site

  • A centralized site to help you link to over a thousand apps that let you customize your workflow through
  • Explore the App Marketplace here.

Adobe Extension 2.4.0

  • Addition of range-based comment functionality.
  • Download or import lightweight proxy files and use them for an offline cut. Select one or more files to import and choose a resolution. Note: all proxy files inherit the source timecode of the original uploaded videos.

We take your feedback to heart and, as always, remain committed to making your day-to-day life better by making it easier for you to be more efficient and, above all, more creative.

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