Frame-io release notes
Frame-io release notes

Introducing Transfer v1.1


New Feature



Today we released Transfer 1.1. This update improves project and folder navigation with better search functionality. You can also create and delete public and private folders, along with assets, directly from within Transfer, so you don’t have to jump between windows. We’ve also increased the number of concurrent downloads to 16 so you can better maximize your bandwidth on higher capacity networks. This update also lets you resize the Transfer window and includes small bug fixes and UI improvements.

Open the Transfer app to update or download Transfer at

  • Added a search feature within the file navigator
  • Added a contextual menu to the file navigator to enable users to create and delete public and private folders, delete assets, reveal an asset, folder, or project in, and add new folders to the root directory or within subfolders
  • Enable the app window to be resized by dragging the corner or right edge of the window
  • Improve the upload progress UI for individual asset rows and add a ‘Date Uploaded’ column
  • Increase the number of download concurrencies to substantially increase bandwidth saturation on higher capacity networks
  • Show the upload destination name in the Mac OS file navigator address bar
  • Update the transfer log file text formatting to increasing readability
  • Other minor bug fixes and UI improvements