Frame-io release notes
Frame-io release notes

Introducing Camera to Cloud for everyone, Apple TV, and more




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For April 2022, we’re releasing a for Apple TV, DRM and 2FA for content and identity protection, a brand new Baselight integration, and Camera to Cloud support for DSLR, mirrorless, iPhone, and Android cameras. app for Apple TV: Open your secure Enterprise Inbox in the new Apple TV app and start watching 10-bit 4K HDR content on any big-screen television. Simply use the Apple remote to jump between clips in your inbox, loop clip playback to take a closer look, or autoplay through an entire folder of dailies.

Users find the app for Apple TV in the Apple TV app store.

Camera to cloud: Camera to Cloud now works with virtually every camera and unlocks even more custom workflows. Large crews shooting with digital cinema cameras, small crews using DSLR and mirrorless cameras, or even a vlogger out and about with their iPhone can now use Camera to Cloud to turn projects around faster.

DRM: Copy protection for your most valuable pre-release content. Block unauthorized viewing and sharing of your content on while still giving team members the freedom to do their jobs. employs a multi-DRM solution to encrypt all the video uploaded to an Enterprise account. Decryption for authorized viewing occurs only within the web, iPhone, or Apple TV apps.

2FA: Hacking, phishing, and other attempts to steal your password are facts of life. In addition to username and password, two-factor authentication (2FA) provides an additional layer of security to make sure users really are who they say they are.

Baselight: Baselight is a high-end color grading and finishing system that now includes completely native integration. Colorists can easily navigate projects and share graded timelines with notes for client reviews. Comments made in can be filtered, added to the timeline, and simultaneously displayed in list view for quickly navigating and keeping track of feedback.

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Full Release Notes

  • New C2C hardware integration – Teradek Serv 4k

  • New C2C hardware integration – Atomos Shogun Connect

  • New C2C hardware integration – Atomos Connect

  • New C2C hardware integration – Viviana Cloud

  • New C2C hardware integration – FDX Filmdatabox

  • New C2C software integration – FiLMiC Pro

  • New app for Apple TV

  • New Security Features – DRM and 2FA

  • New NLE Integration – Baselight by FilmLight