Introducing v3.5 🔥🔥

More secure, more precise, and more flexible.

Over the past 2 years we’ve made security a top priority and this release is no different. We’re introducing a completely secure way to share content, enabling you to use for even your most sensitive pre-release content. We’ve also added range-based comments, a completely new iOS app, and a robust search and filter experience that rivals what you’d find in some expensive asset management systems. Read on for more.

Advanced search

Advanced Search & Filter (1).png

  • Easily find a single asset or project and navigate to it through millions of assets.
  • Combine multiple filters—like date, file type, and uploader—to get the right element quickly.
  • Leverage for evergreen workflows that exist outside of the context of WIP projects.

New player controls

  • Go from the comment composer to fullscreen mode (or back to the player controls) without taking your fingers off the keyboard using tab and shift+tab.
  • Fine-grained playback speeds (1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, and 1.75x) can be set for accelerated viewing.
  • Accelerate or decelerate from your default speed to 2x, 4x, and 8x using the JKL keys.

Range-based comments and precision scrubbing

Range-based Comments.png

  • Give feedback accurately across scenes or sequences, eliminating confusion and ambiguity.
  • When you start typing a comment, drag the handle that appears to select a range.
  • Hold down the R key to create a range, and set the range to loop by turning on looping.
  • Hold down Shift to control the precision of your scrubbing.

Secure sharing (in beta for enterprise accounts only)

  • Login-only sharing ensures that only approved users from your account can access Review and Presentation links.
  • Account-level controls allow admins to enforce this authorization configuration on all share links across the account.
  • A new Reviewer role gives users get a clean view of files shared with them internally, without all the clutter of projects and other work-in-progress.
  • The new Inbox keeps all review invitations in one secure location.

iOS 2.0

iOS 2.0.png

  • Updated design across the iOS app.
  • Precision scrubbing is now available on the player page with the timecode always in view.
  • Haptic feedback when passing frame boundaries in precision scrubbing.
  • Addition of Viewed status, a new File Information tab, and team-only commenting.
  • New Share flow better mimics the web app by keeping all your review links in one place.

App marketplace site

  • A centralized site to help you link to over a thousand apps that let you customize your workflow through
  • Explore the App Marketplace here.

Adobe Extension 2.4.0

  • Addition of range-based comment functionality.
  • Download or import lightweight proxy files and use them for an offline cut. Select one or more files to import and choose a resolution. Note: all proxy files inherit the source timecode of the original uploaded videos.

We take your feedback to heart and, as always, remain committed to making your day-to-day life better by making it easier for you to be more efficient and, above all, more creative.

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Adobe Premiere Pro Panel Updates

Our panel for Adobe Premiere Pro just got a whole lot of love 💖

If your panel hasn’t automatically updated, you’ll need to go to the panel page on the Adobe Exchange site and manually download the update.

What's new:

  • Status Labels available to select Approved, In Progress, or Needs Review.
  • Comment and reply activity (creating, updating, deleting, liking, or marking as complete) now updates in realtime.
  • Project updates in realtime when other project members create, update, move or delete a file, folder, or version stack.
  • Edit your render output file name in the upload settings before rendering and uploading the active sequence.
  • Comment counter on the file thumb.
  • The project selector ensures the current project is always in view, so you don't have to scroll to search for it.
  • Share links have been updated to use a new, shortened URL.
  • Navigate to other projects while Media Encoder is rendering in the background without interrupting the upload process.

What we fixed:

  • Some comments did not show the commenter’s name and avatar.
  • Folder item count displayed incorrect value.
  • Collaborators could not upload files larger than 5GB.
  • Version Stacks displayed the wrong uploaded date in list view
  • Importing a file from failed if the filename contained special characters
  • When uploading sequences the extension occasionally kept on opening a timeline in Premiere
  • Comment "Sort by" button showed an incorrect sorting method
  • Selecting "Open in Browser" option on a Version Stack opened an invalid player page in the web app
  • Quicklook for audio was not working
  • Extension didn't load for Adobe CC 2017 (and earlier)
  • Comments were duplicating on submit
  • Over 30 bug fixes and improvements for a smoother experience

Requesting access to a project

Project permissions just got a little polish 💅🏼

Requesting access: If you follow a link to a project that you aren't yet authorized to view, you can now request access from the project owner.

Granting access: You'll be notified by email and web app notification when anyone requests access to your project.

New review links tab and review page creation experience

New review links tab. A rebuilt review links tab removes a number of bugs that were occurring in the old view and gives you easy access to grab the link for a review page. In the near future we'll be adding presentations to this list so you can have visibility into all of the external URLs you've shared from a project.

New review page creation modal. A new review link modal for faster creation and management of review links. If you select items prior to clicking share, we now take you straight to the share modal to save you time.

Improved image rendering

Here is another phase of performance improvements, this time around speeding up and smoothing out image rendering on 💨


Remember this? There used to be a flashing effect while rendering images on the web, especially high resolution files.


After ✨

Image rendering is a lot more performant now. There is no longer janky flashing when loading images, resulting in a better image review process for you and your team.



Sticky timecode options on video player

On the video player, you can select the following time formats: standard, timecode, or frames.

In this update will remember your last selected timecode option. This way, each time you view a new video you do not need to open the timecode dropdown and pick your desired format from the list.

Your timecode options will apply across the player page and the review page.

We hope this makes your daily use with easier and more convenient.

Image 2019-05-21 at 11.44.42 AM.png

Performance and usability improvements

It's spring cleaning time 🌱

In this latest release, we have rolled out several updates that has improved performance and usability around the video player, PDFs, and project view.

Video player improvements

Persistent player controls

Before, player controls were hidden by default and would appear as an overlay when hovering over a video.

Now, player controls are always be visible. This means you get several benefits:

  • Save time by not having to wait for controls to appear when hovering on/off video
  • The timecode is always visible so that you can efficiently leave feedback at the right moment
Before - hover controls After - persistent controls
hover_player_controls_before.gif persistent_player_controls_after.gif

Scrub bar updates

  • Faster scrubbing! Scrubbing to seek to another part of a video happens way faster and more smoothly now.
  • Hovering performance. When hovering over the scrub bar, the thumbnail no longer lags when it updates to your mouse position.
  • Cleaner hover scrub thumbnails. These thumbnails now include timestamps, making it easier to seek to your desired part of the video. We also updated their appearance by removing their white borders.
*Before - scrubbing * After - scrubbing
hover_scrub_before_perf_improvements.gif Screen Recording 2019-05-15 at 02.17 PM.gif

Faster transcodes

We made a bunch of under-the-hood improvements that make transcodes happen much faster and more consistently across the board after uploading video, audio, and images. ✨

Processing multipage PDFs

  • Uploading and processing PDFs are now more reliable. This means you should no longer hit cases where your PDFs fail to upload/process on
  • PDFs now get processed way faster. 5X faster to be exact, saving you and your team time. There will be more performance improvements coming down the line.

Project view improvements

We've tuned the project view so that it loads much faster, especially for projects with a large number of files. 💨

Other bug fixes

  • We resolved an long standing issue on mobile browsers where the video player breaks when flipping between landscape and portrait modes, or switching in or out of fullscreen mode.

We hope this latest round of updates improves your experience. Enjoy!

New and improved review pages

Review pages just got a major overhaul. Now clients can leave feedback on videos, stills, and PDFs in a simple, intuitive interface, without logging-in. 🙌

Here are a few highlights:

  • Simplified review interface. We simplified the review page, making it easier and more intuitive for clients to view media, leave comments, and see the next video.
  • Splash screen overview. There is a new splash screen that provides clients an overview of assets ready for review.
  • Video defaults to high quality resolutions. Video automatically defaults to 1080p, ensuring your clients get the best viewing quality.
  • Give clients control. Clients can, at last, edit and delete their own comments. This was a previously unavailable feature in the old review pages. One more thing - clients can now easily edit their display name.
  • Complete filetype coverage. Your favorite player page features are now available in new review pages. That means video, audio, image, and multipage PDF review are supported.

It's been a long time coming. Enjoy the much improved review experience! 💪


iOS and Mac Updates

  • Improved account switching on both platforms
  • Design improvements to our new Home tab on iOS
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

6.5 - 1. Home@3x.png

Short URLs on share links

We've updated our share links to use a new, shortened URL so you can always send your clients a link you can be proud of. No more neverending links in the emails you send to your client.